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Whitney's Choice of Emblemes 228

Soli Deo gloria

To M. HOWLTE Preacher.

Here, man with axe doth cut the boughe in twaine,
And without him, the axe, coulde nothing doe:
Within the toole, there doth no force remaine;
But man it is, that mighte doth put thereto:
   Like to this axe, is man, in all his deeds;
   Who hath no strength, but what from GOD proceedes.

Then, let him not make vaunt of his desert,
Nor bragge thereof, when hee good deedes hath donne:
For, it is GOD that worketh in his harte,
And with his grace, to good, doth make him ronne:
   And of him selfe, hee weake theretoo, doth live;
   And GOD gives power, to whome all glorie give.