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Whitney's Choice of Emblemes 226

Amico ficto nulla fit injuria

Since fauninge lookes, and sugred speache prevaile,
Take heede betime: and linke thee not with theise.
The gallant clokes, doe hollowe hartes conceile,
And goodlie showes, are mistes before our eies:
   But whome thou find'st with guile, disguised so:
   No wronge thou doest, to use him as thy foe.

Fere simile, in Hypocritas.

A Face deform'de, a visor faire dothe hide,
That none can see his uglie shape within;
To Ipocrites, the same maie bee applide,
With outward showes, who all their credit winne:
   Yet give no heate, but like a painted fire;
   And, all their zeale, is: as the times require.