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Whitney's Choice of Emblemes 223

Nemo potest duobus dominis servire

To M. KNEWSTUB Preacher.

Here, man who first should heavenlie thinges attaine,
And then, to world his sences should incline:
First, undergoes the worlde with might, and maine,
And then, at foote doth drawe the lawes devine.
   Thus GOD hee beares, and Mammon in his minde:
   But Mammon firste, and GOD doth come behinde.

Oh worldlinges fonde, that joyne these two so ill,
The league is nought, throwe doune the world which speede:
Take up the lawe, according to his will.
First seeke for heaven, and then for wordly neede.
   But those that first their wordlie wishe doe serve,
   Their gaine, is losse, and seeke their soules to sterve.