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Whitney's Choice of Emblemes 215

Interminabilis humanae vitae labor


Loe SISYPHUS, that roles the restlesse stone
To toppe of hill, with endlesse toile, and paine:
Which beinge there, it tumbleth doune alone,
And then, the wretche must force it up againe:
   And as it falles, he makes it still ascende;
   And yet, no toile can bringe this worke to ende.

This SISYPHUS: presenteth Adams race.
The restlesse stone: their travaile, and their toile:
The hill, dothe shewe the daye, and eeke the space,
Wherein they still doe labour, worke, and moile.
   And thoughe till nighte they strive the hill to clime,
   Yet up againe, the morning nexte betime.