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Whitney's Choice of Emblemes 214

In divitem, indoctum

On goulden fleece, did Phryxus passe the wave,
And landed safe, within the wished baie:
By which is ment, the fooles that riches have,
Supported are, and borne throughe Lande, and Sea:
   And those enrich'de by wife, or servauntes goodds,
   Are borne by them like Phryxus through the floodds.

An other of the like argument.
M. I. E.

A Leaden sworde, within a goulden sheathe,
Is like a foole of natures finest moulde:
To whome, shee did her rarest giftes bequethe.
Or like a sheepe, within a fleece of goulde.
   Or like a clothe, whome colours brave adorne,
   When as the grounde, is patched, rente, and torne.

For, if the minde the chiefest treasures lacke,
Thoughe nature bothe, and fortune, bee our frende;
Thoughe goulde wee weare, and purple on our backe,
Yet are wee poore, and none will us comende
   But onlie fooles; and flatterers, for theire gaine:
   For other men, will ride us with disdaine.