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Whitney's Choice of Emblemes 213

Inanis impetus

By shininge lighte, of wannishe CYNTHIAS raies,
The dogge behouldes his shaddowe to appeare:
Wherefore, in vaine aloude he barkes, and baies,
And alwaies thoughte, an other dogge was there:
   But yet the Moone, who did not heare his queste,
   Hir woonted course, did keepe unto the weste.

This reprehendes, those fooles which baule, and barke,
At learned men, that shine above the reste:
With due regarde, that they their deedes should marke,
And reverence them, that are with wisedome bleste:
   But if they strive, in vaine their winde they spende,
   For woorthie men, the Lorde doth still defende.