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Whitney's Choice of Emblemes 212

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This portrature, dothe AESCULAPIUS tell.
The laurell crowne, the fame of phisike showes.
The bearde, declares his longe experience well:
And gravitie therewith that alwaie goes.
   The scepter, tells he ruleth like a kinge
   Amongst the sicke; commaunding everie thinge.

The knotted staffe, declares the crabbed skill
Moste harde t'attaine; that doth supporte his state:
His sittinge, shewes he must be setled still,
With constant minde, and rashe proceedinge hate:
   The Dragon, tells he doth our age renewe,
   And soone decerne, to give the sicke his dewe.

The cocke, dothe teache his watchinge, and his care,
To visite ofte his pacientes, in their paine:
The couchinge dogge, dothe laste of all declare,
That faithfulnes, and love, shoulde still remaine:
   Within their brestes, that Phisike doe professe.
   Which partes, they all shoulde in their deedes expresse.