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Whitney's Choice of Emblemes 209

Ex morbo medicina

To W. RO.

When that OPIMIUS ritche, had scraped manie a pounde;
And fil'd his baggs, & cofers full, that wealthe did most abounde.
Yet liv'd hee still in awe, as if it weare offence
To ope his purce, for any neede; hee spared so his pence.
At lengthe, this greedie carle the Lythergie posseste:
That unneth hee could stere a foote, with sleepe so sore oppreste.
And languishinge therein, not like for to escape:
His heire, was joyfull of that sighte, who for his goodes did gape.
But, when that nothinge coulde OPIMIUS sleepinge let,
The quicke Phisition did commaunde, that tables shoulde bee set
About the misers bed, and budgettes forthe to bringe,
And poure the goulde uppon the bourde, that hee mighte heare it ringe.
And bad the heire to tell, and all the standers bye:
With that, hee to the sicke man call'de, what meane you thus to lye?
And will not have regarde your treasure to preserve:
Behoulde your heire, and all the reste, howe largely nowe they carve?
With that, hee started up; halfe dead, and halfe a live;
And staringe on his heapes of goulde, longe time for life did strive.
So that, when nothinge coulde his drousie eies awake,
Such vertue, had the sighte of goulde, that sleepe did him forsake.
Which showes, when dreadfull deathe presentes the lastinge sleepe:
They hardly can departe in peace, whose goulde is rooted deepe.