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Whitney's Choice of Emblemes 208

Tunc tua res agitur, paries cùm proximus ardet


Awake from sleepe secure, when perrill doth appeare:
No wisedome then to take our ease, and not the worst to feare.
Still ARCHIMEDES wroughte, when foes had wonne the towne,
And woulde not leave his worke in hande, till he was beaten downe.
No suretie is within, when roofe alofte doth flame:
It is a madnes then to staye, till wee have donne our game.
Yea, those that helpe deferre, when neighbours house doth burne:
Are like with griefe, to see their owne, with speede to cinders turne.
Then, cut of all delaies when daungers are begonne,
For if beginnings wee withstande, the conquest sooner wonne.