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Whitney's Choice of Emblemes 207


To M. WILLIAM HAREBROWNE, at Constantinople.

The faulcon mountes alofte unto the skie,
And over hilles, and dales, dothe make her flighte;
The duckes, and geese, about the house doe flie,
And in eche diche, and muddie lake doe lighte,
   They seeke their foode in puddles, and in pittes,
   While that alofte, the princelie faulcon sittes.

Suche difference is in men, as maye appeare;
Some, throughe the worlde doe passe by lande, and sea:
And by deserte are famous farre, and neare,
So, all their life at home, some others staie:
   And nothinge can to travaile them provoke,
   Beyonde the smell of native countries smoke.