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Whitney's Choice of Emblemes 205

Pulchritudo sine fructu


The Cipresse tree is pleasinge to the sighte,
Straighte; tall, and greene, and sweete unto the smell:
Yet, yeeldes no fruicte unto the travaylinge wighte,
But naughte, and bad, experience dothe us tell:
   Where, other trees that make not suche a showe,
   Yeelde pleasante fruicte, and plentifullie growe.

This gallante tree that good, and fruictfull seemes,
In coverte sorte, a kinde of men doth checke:
Whose curtesie, no man but much esteemes,
Who promise muche, and faune about our necke:
   But if wee trie, their deedes wee barren finde,
   Or yeelde but fruicte, like to the Cipresse kinde.