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Whitney's Choice of Emblemes 204

Avaritia huius saeculi


With double dore this Pallace loe, doth ope;
The one, unto the gallant roomes doth shewe,
Whereas the ritche with goulden giftes have scope;
The other, to an emptie benche doth goe,
   And there, the pore have leave for to resorte,
   But not presume unto the other porte.

For, alwaies that is shutte unto the pore,
But ope to them, that have the mines of goulde:
Then, thoughe the worlde of Poëttes have no store,
No marvaile tho, sith bountie is so coulde;
   For, if there did MECOENAS giftes abounde,
   Newe HORACE soone, & VIRGIL should be founde.