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Whitney's Choice of Emblemes 203

Auxilio divino

To RICHARD DRAKE Esquier, in praise of Sir FRANCIS DRAKE Knight.

Throughe scorchinge heate, throughe coulde, in stormes, and tempests force,
By ragged rocks, by shelfes, & sandes: this Knighte did keepe his course.
By gapinge gulfes hee pass'd, by monsters of the flood,
By pirattes, theeves, and cruell foes, that long'd to spill his blood.
That wonder greate to scape: but, GOD was on his side,
And throughe them all, in spite of all, his shaken shippe did guide.
And, to requite his paines: By helpe of power devine.
His happe, at lengthe did aunswere hope, to finde the goulden mine.
Let GRAECIA then forbeare, to praise her JASON boulde?
Who throughe the watchfull dragons pass'd, to win the fleece of goulde.
Since by MEDEAS helpe, they weare inchaunted all,
And JASON without perrilles, pass'de: the conqueste therfore small?
But, hee, of whome I write, this noble minded DRAKE,
Did bringe away his goulden fleece, when thousand eies did wake.
Wherefore, yee woorthie wightes, that seeke for forreine landes:
Yf that you can, come alwaise home, by GANGES goulden sandes.
And you, that live at home, and can not brooke the flood,
Geve praise to them, that passe the waves, to doe their countrie good.
Before which sorte, as chiefe: in tempeste, and in calme,
Sir FRANCIS DRAKE, by due deserte, may weare the goulden palme.