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Whitney's Choice of Emblemes 202

Aureae compedes

To G. M. Esquier.

It better is (wee say) a cotage poore to houlde,
Then for to lye in prison stronge, with fetters made of goulde.
Which shewes, that bondage is the prison of the minde:
And libertie the happie life, that is to man assign'de,
And thoughe that some preferre their bondage, for their gaines:
And richely are adorn'd in silkes, and preste with massie chaines.
Yet manie others live, that are accompted wise:
Who libertie doe chiefely choose, thoughe clad in gounes of frise,
And waighe not POMPEYS porte, nor yet LUCULLUS fare:
So that they may adorne their mindes, they well contented are.
Yea, rather doe accepte his dwelling in the tonne,
And for to live with CODRUS cates: a roote, and barly bonne.
Where freedome they injoye, and uncontrolled live:
Then with the chiefest fare of all, attendance for to geve.
And, if I should bee ask'd, which life doth please mee beste:
I like the goulden libertie, let goulden bondage reste.