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Whitney's Choice of Emblemes 199

Quae sequimur fugimus


Wee flee, from that wee seeke; & followe, that wee leave:
And, whilst wee thinke our webbe to skante, & larger still would weave,
Lo, Time dothe cut us of, amid our carke: and care.
Which warneth all, that have enoughe, and not contented are.
For to injoye their goodes, their howses, and their landes:
Bicause the Lorde unto that end, commits them to their handes.
Yet, those whose greedie mindes: enoughe, doe thinke too small:
Whilst that with care they seeke for more, oft times are rev'd of all,
Wherefore all such (I wishe) that spare, where is no neede:
To use their goodes whilst that they may, for time apace doth speede.
And since, by proofe I knowe, you hourde not up your store;
Whose gate, is open to your frende: and purce, unto the pore:
And spend unto your praise, what GOD dothe largely lende:
I chiefly made my choice of this, which I to you commende.
In hope, all those that see your name, above the head:
Will at your lampe, their owne come light, within your steppes to tread.
Whose daily studie is, your countrie to adorne:
And for to keepe a worthie house, in place where you weare borne.