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Whitney's Choice of Emblemes 195

Victoria cruenta


The Olephante with stinge of serpent fell,
That still about his legges, with winding cralles:
Throughe poison stronge, his bodie so did swell,
That doune he sinkes, and on the serpente falles:
   Which creature huge, did fall uppon him soe,
   That by his deathe, he also kill'd his foe.

Those sharpe conflictes, those broiles and battailes maine,
That are atchievde, with spoile on either parte:
Where streames of blood the hilles, and valleys staine,
And what is wonne, the price is deathe, and smarte:
   This dothe importe: But those are captaines good,
   That winne the fielde, with sheddinge leaste of blood.