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Whitney's Choice of Emblemes 192

Importunitas evitanda

Who that with force, his burnish'd blade doth trie
On anvill harde, to proove if it be sure:
Doth Hazarde muche, it shoulde in peeces flie,
Adventring that, which else mighte well indure:
   For, there with strengthe he strikes uppon the stithe,
   That men maye knowe, his youthfull armes have pithe.

Which warneth those, that lovinge frendes injoye,
With care, to keepe, and frendlie them to treate,
And not to trye them still, with everie toye,
Nor presse them doune, when causes be too greate,
   Nor in requests importunate to bee:
   For overmuche, dothe tier the courser free?