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Whitney's Choice of Emblemes 187

In statuam Bacchi

The timelie birthe that SEMELE did beare,
See heere, in time howe monsterous he grewe:
With drinkinge muche, and dailie bellie cheare,
His eies weare dimme, and fierie was his hue:
   His cuppe, still full: his head, with grapes was croun'de;
   Thus time he spent with pipe, and tabret sounde.

Which carpes all those, that love to much the canne,
And dothe describe theire persongae, and theire guise:
For like a beaste, this doth transforme a man,
And makes him speake that moste in secret lies;
   Then, shunne the sorte that bragge of drinking muche,
   Seeke other frendes, and joyne not handes with suche.