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Whitney's Choice of Emblemes 186

Orphei Musica

Lo, ORPHEUS with his harpe, that savage kinde did tame:
The Lions fierce, and Leopardes wilde, and birdes about him came.
For, with his musicke sweete, their natures hee subdu'de:
But if wee thinke his playe so wroughte, our selves wee doe delude.
For why? besides his skill, hee learned was, and wise:
And coulde with sweetenes of his tonge, all sortes of men suffice.
And those that weare most rude, and knewe no good at all:
And weare of fierce, and cruell mindes, the worlde did brutishe call.
Yet with persuasions sounde, hee made their hartes relente,
That meeke, and milde they did become, and followed where he wente.
Lo these, the Lions fierce, these, Beares, and Tigers weare:
The trees, and rockes, that lefte their roomes, his musicke for to heare.
But, you are happie most, who in suche place doe staye:
You neede not THRACIA seeke, to heare some impe of ORPHEUS playe.
Since, that so neare your home, Apollos darlinge dwelles;
Who LINUS, & AMPHION staynes, and ORPHEUS farre excelles.
For, hartes like marble harde, his harmonie dothe pierce:
And makes them yeelding passions feele, that are by nature fierce.
But, if his musicke faile: his curtesie is suche,
That none so rude, and base of minde, but hee reclaimes them muche.
Nowe since you, by deserte, for both, commended are:
I choose you, for a Judge herein, if truthe I doe declare.
And if you finde I doe, then ofte therefore rejoyce:
And thinke, I woulde suche neighbour have, if I might make my choice.