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Whitney's Choice of Emblemes 181

In occasionem


What creature thou? Occasion I doe showe.
On whirling wheele declare why doste thou stande?
Bicause, I still am tossed too, and froe.
Why doest thou houlde a rasor in thy hande?
   That men maie knowe I cut on everie side,
   And when I come, I armies can devide.

But wherefore hast thou winges uppon thy feete?
To showe, how lighte I flie with little winde.
What meanes longe lockes before? that suche as meete,
Maye houlde at firste, when they occasion finde.

   Thy head behinde all balde, what telles it more?
   That none shoulde houlde, that let me slippe before.

Why doest thou stande within an open place?
That I maye warne all people not to staye,
But at the firste, occasion to imbrace,
And when shee comes, to meete her by the waye.
   Lysippus so did thinke it best to bee,
   Who did devise mine image, as you see.