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Whitney's Choice of Emblemes 180

Verbum emissum non est revocabile

Who lookes, maye leape: and save his shinnes from knockes.
Who tries, maye truste: els flattringe frendes shall finde.
He saves the steede, that keepes him under lockes.
Who speakes with heede, maye bouldlie speake his minde.
   But hee, whose tonge before his witte, dothe runne,
   Ofte speakes to soone, and greeves when he hathe done.

A worde once spoke, it can retourne no more,
But flies awaie, and ofte thy bale doth breede:
A wise man then, settes hatche before the dore,
And while he maye, doth square his speeche with heede.
   The birde in hande, wee maye at will restraine,
   But beinge flowen, wee call her backe in vaine.