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Whitney's Choice of Emblemes 177

Unica semper avis

To my countrimen of the Namptwiche in Chesshire.

The Phoenix rare, with fethers freshe of hewe,
ARABIAS righte, and sacred to the Sonne:
Whome, other birdes with wonder seeme to vewe,
Dothe live untill a thousande yeares bee ronne:
   Then makes a pile: which, when with Sonne it burnes,
   Shee flies therein, and so to ashes turnes.

Whereof, behoulde, an other Phoenix rare,
With speede dothe rise most beautifull and faire:
And thoughe for truthe, this manie doe declare,
Yet thereunto, I meane not for to sweare:
   Althoughe I knowe that Aucthors witnes true,
   What here I write, bothe of the oulde, and newe.

Which when I wayed, the newe, and eke the oulde,
I thought uppon your towne destroyed with fire:
And did in minde, the newe NAMPWICHE behoulde,
A spectacle for anie mans desire:
   Whose buildinges brave, where cinders weare but late,
   Did represente (me thought) the Phoenix fate.

And as the oulde, was manie hundreth yeares,
A towne of fame, before it felt that crosse:
Even so, (I hope) this WICHE, that nowe appeares,
A Phoenix age shall laste, and knowe no losse:
   Which GOD vouchsafe, who make you thankfull, all:
   That see this rise, and sawe the other fall.