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Whitney's Choice of Emblemes 176

Semper praesto esse infortunia

Three carelesse dames, amongste their wanton toies,
Did throwe the dice, who firste of them shoulde die:
And shee that loste, did laughe with inwarde joyes,
For that, shee thoughte her terme shoulde longer bee:
   But loe, a tyle uppon her head did fall,
   That deathe, with speede, this dame from dice did call.

Even so, it falles, while carelesse times wee spende:
That evell happes, unlooked for doe comme.
But if wee hope, that GOD some good wil sende,
In earnest praier, then must wee not bee domme:
   For blessinges good, come seild before our praier,
   But evell thinges doe come before we feare.