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Whitney's Choice of Emblemes 175

Otiosi semper egentes

Here, Idlenes doth weepe amid her wantes,
Neare famished: whome, labour whippes for Ire:
Here, labour sittes in chariot drawen with antes:
And dothe abounde with all he can desire.
   The grashopper, the toyling ante derides,
   In Sommers heate, cause she for coulde provides.

But when the coulde of winter did increase,
Out of her hill, the ante did looke for newes:
Whereas she harde the grashopper to cease,
And all her songes, shee nowe with sighing rues:
   But all to late, for now for foode she starv'd,
   Whereas the ante had store, she had preserv'd.

All which doe warne, while that our Sommer lastes,
Which is our youthe: with freshe, and livelie strengthe.
Wee muste provide, for winters bitter blastes.
Which is our age: that claimes his righte at lengthe.
   Wherefore in youthe, let us provide for age;
   For ere wee thinke he stealeth on the stage.