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Whitney's Choice of Emblemes 174

In foecunditatem, sibi ipsi damnosam

If sence I had, my owne estate to knowe,
Before all trees, my selfe hath cause to crie:
In everie hedge, and common waye, I growe,
Where, I am made a praye, to passers by:
   And when, they see my nuttes are ripe, and broune,
   My bowghes are broke, my leaves are beaten doune.

Thus everie yeare, when I doe yeelde increase,
My proper fruicte, my ruine doth procure:
If fruictlesse I, then had I growen in peace,
Oh barrennes, of all most happie, sure
   Which wordes with griefe, did AGRIPPINA grone,
   And mothers more, whose children made them mone.