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Whitney's Choice of Emblemes 173

Praecocia non diuturna

The fruicte that soonest ripes, doth soonest fade awaie.
And that which slowlie hath his time, will not so soone decaie.
Our writing in the duste, can not indure a blaste:
But that, which is in marble wroughte, from age, to age, doth laste.
Even so it is of wittes, some quicke, to put in ure:
Some dull to learne, but oftentimes the slowe are sounde, and sure.
And thoughe the apte, and prompte: soone learne, and soone forget.
Yet ofte the dull doe beare in minde, what first therein was set.
Hereof the proverbe comes: Soone ripe, soone rotten turnes:
And greenest wood, though kindlinge longe, yet whottest most it burnes.