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Whitney's Choice of Emblemes 171

Usus libri, non lectio prudentes facit

The volumes great, who so doth still peruse,
And dailie turnes, and gazeth on the same,
If that the fruicte thereof, he do not use,
He reapes but toile, and never gaineth fame:
   Firste reade, then marke, then practise that is good,
   For without use, we drinke but LETHE flood.

Of practise longe, experience doth proceede;
And wisedome then, doth evermore ensue:
Then printe in minde, what wee in printe do reade,
Els loose wee time, and bookes in vaine do vewe:
   Wee maie not haste, our talent to bestowe,
   Nor hide it up, whereby no good shall growe.