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Whitney's Choice of Emblemes 170

Ferè simile praecedenti, ex Alciato

The greedie kyte, so full his gorge had cloy'de,
He coulde not brooke his late devoured praie:
Wherefore with griefe, unto his damme hee cry'de,
My bowelles lo, alas doe waste awaie.
   With that quoth shee, why doste thou make thy mone,
   This losse thou haste is nothinge of thy owne.

By which is mente, that they who live by spoile,
By rapine, thefte, or gripinge goodes by mighte,
If that with losse they suffer anie foile,
They loose but that, wherein they had no righte?
   Hereof, at firste the proverbe oulde did growe:
   That goodes ill got, awaie as ill will goe.