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Whitney's Choice of Emblemes 167

Cum tempore mutamur

Times change, and wee doe alter in the same,
And in one staye, there nothing still maye bee:
What Monarches greate, that wanne the chiefest fame,
But stealinge time, their birthe, and deathe, did see:
   Firste NESTOR suck'd, and HOMER first was taughte,
   Bothe famous once, yet both to dust are broughte.

Wee first are younge, and then to age wee yeelde,
Then flit awaye, as we had not bene borne:
No wight so stronge, but time doth winne the feelde,
Yea wonders once, are out of memorie worne:
   This Aegypte spires, and Babell, sawe in fine,
   When they did mounte, and when they did decline.