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Whitney's Choice of Emblemes 163

Pietas filiorum in parentes

Aeneas beares his father, out of Troye,
When that the Greekes, the same did spoile, and sacke:
His father might of suche a sonne have joye,
Who throughe his foes, did beare him on his backe:
   No fier, nor sworde, his valiaunt harte coulde feare,
   To flee awaye, without his father deare.

Which showes, that sonnes must carefull bee, and kinde,
For to releeve their parentes in distresse:
And duringe life, that dutie shoulde them binde,
To reverence them, that God their daies maie blesse:
   And reprehendes tenne thowsande to their shame,
   Who ofte dispise the stocke whereof they came.