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Whitney's Choice of Emblemes 159

Dum aetatis ver agitur: consule brumae

In winter coulde, when tree, and bushe, was bare,
And frost had nip'd the rootes of tender grasse:
The antes, with joye did feede upon their fare,
Which they had stor'de, while sommers season was:
   To whome, for foode the grashopper did crie,
   And said she starv'd, if they did helpe denie.

Whereat, an ante, with longe experience wise?
And frost, and snowe, had manie winters seene:
Inquired, what in sommer was her guise.
Quothe she, I songe, and hop't in meadowes greene:
   Then quoth the ante, content thee with thy chaunce,
   For to thy songe, nowe art thou light to daunce?