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Whitney's Choice of Emblemes 158

Post fata: uxor morosa, etiam discors

Colasmus wife, in raging flood was drown'd?
Who longe did seeke her corpes, against the streame:
His neigbours thought his sences weare not sound?
And did deride his madnes most extreme:
   Who call'd aloude, thy wife beneath did fall?
   Then dounwarde seeke, or seeke thou not at all.

To whome, quoth he, the place belowe I see,
Yet in her life, gainst reason she did strive:
And contrarie to everie one, woulde bee;
Wherefore, I knowe this way she needes must drive?
   Then leave, quoth they, and let her still be drown'd,
   For such a wife is better loste then founde?