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Whitney's Choice of Emblemes 155

Indulgentia parentum, filiorum pernicies

A Theefe, condemn'd to dye, to execution lead:
His wofull mother did beholde, for sorowe almoste dead.
And whilst she kiss'd her sonne, whome she did tender deare:
The towarde childe did kisse with teeth? and off her nose did teare?
Whereat, the standers by exclaymed at his acte:
Then quoth the theefe, my masters marke, I will defend the facte.
My mother, in my youthe, did with my faults dispence:
And evermore did like me best, when I did most offence.
So that, she was the cause that made me doe amisse:
For if shee had correction us'de, I had not come to this.
Wherefore, I did revenge my wronge, in what I mighte:
In hope my facte shall mothers warne, that doe behould this sighte.
For if the Children steale, and come unto the rope:
It often is the parentes faulte, for giving them such scope.