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Whitney's Choice of Emblemes 150

Nusquam tuta fides

No state so sure, nor feate within this life
But that maie fall, thoughe longe the same have stoode:
Here fauninge foes, here fained frendes are rife.
With pickthankes, blabbes, and subtill Sinons broode,
   Who when wee truste, they worke our overthrowe,
   And undermine the grounde, wheron wee goe.

The Olephant so huge, and stronge to see,
No perill fear'd: but thought a sleepe to gaine
But foes before had undermin'de the tree,
And downe he falles, and so by them was slaine:
   First trye, then truste: like goulde, the copper showes:
   And NERO ofte, in NUMAS clothinge goes.