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Whitney's Choice of Emblemes 145

In curiosos

Let maidens sowe; let schollers: plie the schooles.
Give PALINURE: his compasse, and his carde.
Let MARS, have armes: let VULCANE, use his tooles.
Give CORYDON, the ploughe, and harrowe harde.
   Give PAN, the pipe: give bilbowe blade, to swashe.
   Let Grimme have coales: and lobbe his whippe to lashe.

Let none presume an others arte to use,
But trie the trade, to which he hath bene kept:
But those that like a skill unknowne to choose,
Let them behoulde: while that the workeman slept,
   The toying ape, was tempringe with his blockes,
   Untill his foote was crush'd within the stockes.