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Whitney's Choice of Emblemes 144

Homo homini lupus

No mortall foe so full of poysoned spite,
As man, to man, when mischiefe he pretendes:
The monsters huge, as divers aucthors write,
Yea Lions wilde, and fishes weare his frendes:
   And when their deathe, by frendes suppos'd was sought,
   They kindnesse shew'd, and them from daunger brought.

ARION lo, who gained store of goulde,
In countries farre: with harpe, and pleasant voice:
Did shipping take, and to CORINTHUS woulde,
And to his wishe, of pilottes made his choise:
   Who rob'd the man, and threwe him to the sea,
   A Dolphin, lo, did beare him safe awaie.