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Whitney's Choice of Emblemes 143

Vindice fato

To G. B. sen. Esquier.

When sentence wronge, of will, and rigor vile,
Was fram'd, to please the Emperor VALENS minde:
Which shoulde condemne Sainct BASIL to exile:
And nothinge lack'd, but that it was not sign'd:
   Th'Emperor thoughte to take no longer pause,
   But tooke his penne, for to confirme the cause.

But all in vayne, the quill would take no inke,
Yet still herein, he lewdlie did persiste:
Untill his hande beganne to shake, and shrinke,
Whereby, the penne did fall out of his fiste:
   Wherefore for feare, he rente the writte in twaine,
   Then feare the Lorde, and rashe attemptes refraine.