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Whitney's Choice of Emblemes 141

Perfidus familiaris

To G. B. Esquier.

While throughe his foes, did boulde BRASIDAS thruste,
And thought with force, their courage to confounde:
Throughe targat faire, wherein he put his truste,
His manlie corpes receav'd a mortall wounde.
   Beinge ask'd the cause, before he yeelded ghoste:
   Quoth hee, my shielde, wherein I trusted moste.

Even so it happes, wee ofte our bayne doe brue,
When ere wee trie, wee trust the gallante showe:
When frendes suppoas'd, doe proove them selves untrue,
When SINON false, in DAMONS shape dothe goe:
   Then gulfes of griefe, do swallowe up our mirthe,
   And thoughtes ofte times, doe shrow'd us in the earthe.

All is not goulde that glittereth to the eye:
Some poison stronge, a sugred taste doth keepe;
The crabbe ofte times, is beautifull to see.
The Adder fell, within the flowers doth creepe:
   The bravest tombe, hath stinking bones within:
   So fawninge mates, have alwaies faithlesse bin.

Yet, to prevent such harmes before they fall,
Thinke howe thy frende, maie live to bee thy foe:
Then, when your love exceedeth moste of all,
Looke that thy tonge, doe not at randonne goe:
   For feare thy speeche, doe turne unto thy smarte,
   If that thy mate, doe beare a JUDAS harte.

But, if thou doe injoye a faithfull frende,
See that with care, thou keepe him as thy life:
And if perhappes he doe, that maye offende,
Yet waye thy frende: and shunne the cause of strife,
   Remembringe still, there is no greater crosse;
   Then of a frende, for, to sustaine the losse.

Yet, if this knotte of frendship be to knitte,
And SCIPIO yet, his LELIUS can not finde?
Content thy selfe, til some occasion fitte,
Allot thee one, according to thy minde:
   Then trie, and truste: so maiste thou live in rest,
   But chieflie see, thou truste thy selfe the beste?