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Whitney's Choice of Emblemes 137

Constantia comes victoriae


The shippe, that longe uppon the sea dothe saile,
And here, and there, with varriing windes is toste:
On rockes, and sandes, in daunger ofte to quaile.
Yet at the lengthe, obtaines the wished coaste:
   Which beinge wonne, the trompetts ratlinge blaste,
   Dothe teare the skie, for joye of perills paste.

Thoughe master reste, thoughe Pilotte take his ease,
Yet nighte, and day, the ship her course dothe keepe:
So, whilst that man dothe saile theise worldlie seas,
His voyage shortes: althoughe he wake, or sleepe.
   And if he keepe his course directe, he winnes
   That wished porte, where lastinge joye beginnes.