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Whitney's Choice of Emblemes 136


Who so are plac'd, in sacred Justice roome,
And have in charge, her statutes to observe:
Let them with care, behoulde this garnish'd toome,
That suche a one, at lengthe they maie deserve:
Of marble harde, suppose the same to bee,
An Ewer eeke, uppon one corner standes,
At th'other ende, a bason wee maie see:
With Towell faire, to wipe theire washed handes:
   Th'effecte whereof, let Judges printe in minde,
   That they maie leave a lasting name behinde.

The marble showes: they must bee firme, and sure,
And not be pierc'd, nor mooved from the truthe:
The reste declare: they must bee cleane, and pure;
And not inclin'd to rigor, or to ruthe.
But, when a cause before them shalbee harde,
With conscience cleare, let them the same decide:
No Ritche, or Poore, or frend, or foe, regarde.
For feare, they doe throughe theire affections slide:
   But let them washe, theire handes from everie crime,
   That GOD maye blesse, and here prolonge theire time.