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Whitney's Choice of Emblemes 126

Insignia poëtarum

The Martiall Captaines ofte, do marche into the fielde,
With Egles, or with Griphins fierce, or Dragons, in theire shielde.
But Phoebus sacred birde, let Poëttes moste commende.
Who, as it were by skill devine, with songe forshowes his ende.
And as his tune delightes: for rarenes of the same.
So they with sweetenes of theire verse, shoulde winne a lasting name.
And as his colour white: Sincerenes doth declare.
So Poëttes must bee cleane, and pure, and must of crime beware.
For which respectes the Swanne, should in theire Ensigne stande.
No forren fowle, and once suppos'de kinge of LIGURIA Lande.