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Whitney's Choice of Emblemes 125

Sobriè potandum

A Thirstie dogge, to NILUS runnes to drinke,
A Crocodile, was readie in the flood:
Which made the dogge, to lappe harde by the brinke,
As one that much in feare of poisoning stood:
   And sparingly, began to coole his heate,
   When as hee sawe, this Serpent lye in waite.

This carefull dogge, condemnes those careles wightes,
Althoughe he bee of brutisshe kynde, bycause
Those reason lacke, that spend both daies, and nightes,
Without regard, in keeping BACCHUS lawes:
   And when throughe drinke, on feete they can not stande,
   Yet as they lye, they have their boales in hande.