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Whitney's Choice of Emblemes 124

Amicitia fucata vitanda

Of open foes, wee alwaies maie beware,
And arme our selves, theire Malice to withstande:
Yea, thoughe they smile, yet have wee still a care,
Wee trust them not, althoughe they give theire hande:
   Theire Foxes coate, theire fained harte bewraies,
   Wee neede not doubt, bicause wee knowe theire waies.

But those, of whome wee must in daunger bee,
Are deadlie foes, that doe in secret lurke,
Whoe lie in waite, when that wee can not see,
And unawares, doe our destruction worke:
   No foe so fell, (as BIAS wife declares)
   As man to man, when mischeife hee prepares.