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Whitney's Choice of Emblemes 120

Vigilantia, et custodia

The Heraulte, that proclaimes the daie at hande,
The Cocke I meane, that wakes us out of sleepe,
On steeple highe, doth like a watchman stande:
The gate beneath, a Lion still doth keepe.
   And why? theise two, did alder time decree,
   That at the Churche, theire places still should bee.

That pastors, shoulde like watchman still be preste,
To wake the worlde, that sleepeth in his sinne,
And rouse them up, that longe are rock'd in reste,
And shewe the daie of Christe, will straighte beginne:
   And to foretell, and preache, that light devine,
   Even as the Cocke doth singe, ere daie doth shine.

The Lion shewes, they shoulde of courage bee,
And able to defende, their flocke from foes:
If ravening wolfes, to lie in waite they see:
They shoulde be stronge, and boulde, with them to close:
   And so be arm'de with learning, and with life,
   As they might keepe, their charge, from either strife.