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Whitney's Choice of Emblemes 119

Ex damno alterius, alterius utilitas

The Lion fierce, and savage bore contende,
The one, his pawes: his tuskes the other tries:
And ere the broile, with bloodie blowes had ende,
A vulture loe, attendes with watchinge eies:
   And of their spoile, doth hope to praeie his fill,
   And joyes, when they eche others blood doe spill.

When men of mighte, with deadlie rancor swell,
And mortall hate, twixte mightie Monarches raignes;
Some gripes doe watche, that like the matter well,
And of their losse, doe raise their private gaines:
   So, SOLIMAN his Empire did increase,
   When christian kinges exiled love, and peace.