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Whitney's Choice of Emblemes 118

Invidia integritatis assecla

The gallant Palme with bodie straighte, and tall,
That freshelie showes, with braunches sweete of smelk
Yet, at the foote the frogges, and septentes crall,
With ercksome noise, and eke with poison fell:
   Who, as it weare, the tree doe still annoye,
   And do their worste, the same for to destroye.

When noble peeres, and men of highe estate,
By juste deserte, doe live in honor greate:
Yet, Envie still dothe waite on them as mate,
And dothe her worste, to undermine their seate:
And MOMUS broode dothe arme, with all their mighte,
To wounde their fame, whose life did geve them lighte.