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Whitney's Choice of Emblemes 117

Marcus Scaeva

Audaces fortuna iuvat.

This monumente of manhoode, yet remaines,
A witnes true, of MARCUS SCAEVAS harte:
Whose valliancie, did purchase him such gaines,
That deathe, nor time, can blemishe his deserte.
   In battaile, boulde: no feare his harte coulde wounde,
   When sixe-score shaftes within his shielde weare founde,

And in that fighte, one of his eies hee loste,
His thighe thrust throughe, and wounded sore beside:
Such souldiours, had greate CAESAR in his hoste,
As by him selfe, and others, is discride.
   But, those that would more of these Knightes behoulde,
   Let them peruse the Roman Aucthours oulde.