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Whitney's Choice of Emblemes 116

En. Pompeius Magnus

Celsa potestatis species.

When POMPEY great, with fortune longe was bleste,
And did subdue his foes, by lande, and sea,
And conquestes great obtained in the Easte,
And PARTHIANS, and ARABIANS, made obaye,
   And seas, and Iles, did in subjection bringe,
   Whose name with feare, did throughe JUDAEA ringe.

And had restor'de kinge MASINISSAS righte,
And overcame SERTORIUS with his power:
And made the Kinge of PONTUS knowe his mighte.
Yet, at the lengthe, hee had his haplesse hower:
   For overcome by CAESAR, fled for aide,
   To Aegypte lande; wherein hee was betrai'd.

Within whose ringe, this forme above was wroughte,
Whereby, his force, and noble minde appeares;
Which, with his head to CAESAR being broughte,
For inwarde griefe, hee wash'd the same with teares,
   And in a fire with odours, and perfumes:
   This princes head with mourning hee consumes.