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Whitney's Choice of Emblemes 115

Marcus Sergius

Fortiter et feliciter.

Marc Sergius nowe, I maye recorde by righte,
A Romane boulde, whome foes coulde not dismaye:
Gainste HANNIBAL hee often shewde his mighte,
Whose righte hande loste, his lefte hee did assaye
   Untill at lengthe an iron hande hee proov'd:
   And after that CREMONA siege remoov'd.

Then, did defende PLACENTIA in distresse,
And wanne twelve houldes, by dinte of sworde in France,
What triumphes great? were made for his successe,
Unto what state did fortune him advance?
   What speares? what crounes? what garlandes hee possest;
   The honours due for them, that did the beste.