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Whitney's Choice of Emblemes 114

Regulus Attilius

Hosti etiam servanda fides.

The Consull boulde ATTILIUS, here regarde,
That AFRICKE made to tremble at his name;
Who, for his faithe receyved this rewarde,
Two hundreth thousande men, hee overcame.
   And three score shippes, and eeke two hundreth townes,
   Yet flattringe fate, in fine uppon him frownes.

For, after by XANTIPPUS overthrowne,
To CARTHAGE broughte, in dungeon deepe was caste;
Yet, with desire for to redeeme their owne,
Their messenger they made him, at the laste:
   And in exchaunge, hee unto Rome was sente,
   For prisoners there, and on his worde he wente.

Who promis'd this, hee woulde retourne to bandes,
If that hee fail'd of that, they did require:
But when hee sawe so manie in their handes,
Thoughe Romanes glad, did graunt him his desire:
   Yet coulde hee not theretoo, in harte agree,
   Bycause for him, so manie shoulde bee free.

Thus, countries love, was dearer then his life,
Who backe retourn'de to keepe his promise true:
Where hee did taste longe time of tormentes rife,
But yet, his harte no tortures coulde subdue.
   His mangled eies, the Sonne all daye assailes;
   And in the ende, was thruste in tonne with nailes.